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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Complete medical and surgical care for your child's eyes. 

  • school exams

  • glasses prescriptions

  • routine eye health exams

  • contact lenses

  • crossed eyes

  • lazy eye

  • blocked tear ducts

  • pediatric cataracts

  • eye birth defects

  • nystagmus

  • eye injuries

  • prematurity eye exams


child eye care doctor
childrens eye exams
Eye Muscle Disorders

Strabismus care for children AND adults.

  • misaligned eyes

  • wandering eyes

  • double vision

  • binocular vision

  • eye muscle surgery

  • re-operations

  • prism fitting

  • thyroid eye disease

  • eye muscle weaknesses

Optometrist testing eye muscle disorders
Double Vision treatment
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